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06-06-2015, 11:29 PM
Hey people. I'm new to the board, thanks for the add. My first personal is Richard and I recently purchased a 1997 Express 1 Ton dually cutaway cube van with the L65/4L80E with the 4.10. 300,000 KM on the odometer.
The fuel gauge was pinned in the four o'clock position when I got it and It was a relatively easy fix.
>unplugged the harness at the tank and fuel gauge dropped to 1/2 tank
>I checked the voltage at the tank harness: 8.4V
>ground at the harness and ground on the frame both showed good
>emptied the tank. Lotsa fuel. NE7 option is the 55 gal tank, 208 liters and it was 2/3 full
>removed the tank and pulled the sender. One of the copper contacts on the "rheostat" was worn down to nothing so the signal wasn't getting back to gauge, hence the "open" circuit.Here's the cool part and I hope this helps other members: the sender is replaceable and it's the same as the one in the gasoline pump/sender module. I had just replaced my fuel pump in my 2000 Express 3500 and just happened to keep the old assembly. The sender un-clips and I just soldered the wires together and re-installed in the diesel sender. It worked like a charm, except when the tank was empty, the gauge now showed 1/2 full. So wtf. I took the plastic bezel off the instrument cluster, pried off the indicator and reinstalled it on the "E". And saved myself $400.