View Full Version : Heated seats on suburban

12-10-2016, 08:18 PM
I have a few 99 suburbans and love them. One big problem are the heated seats on the drivers side with leather. they seem to burn out elements and they aren't cheap if you can find them at all. What could be the cause of this, other than a fat butt on the seat. This time of year they really are usefull. Also looking for a good inexpensive element if anyone knows an outlet. Thanks

12-12-2016, 06:47 PM
Since I asked this question I found out the only way to replace the element was to replace the seat because they are sewn in to the leather seat. I can put in an after market one if needed. Youtube has a lot of info on this and ways to check out the system for fuses and relays.

12-13-2016, 01:51 AM
Must be difficult to live in a cold place, it is also difficult in a hot country, the AC in the 94 and 95 trucks is not adequate.