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    I have always change my diff oils with Synthetic...

    I have always change my diff oils with Synthetic Amsoil in my trucks for heat and extra prevention against tooth form galling from high pressure. With G80 code I add the posi additive from Autozone...
  2. Well, while I'm asking for 4L80E trans opionions

    Since I here and typing, Let's discuss another problem.
    This one is for my 97 2500 that I have tucked away in the warehouse.
    A couple years ago, I was doing some reading on a transmission forum for...
  3. 4L80E rebuild with chatter in reverse

    Last winter, ( the one before this sucky one) I burned the reverse out of my 3500 snow plow truck. I pulled the transmission and took it to a trans shop I had done business with before. By the time...
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    I'd say, lucking you. Transmission problems that...

    I'd say, lucking you. Transmission problems that go away by themselves are the good ones. I'm not so lucky
  5. Sound like were on the same page with that dirty...

    Sound like were on the same page with that dirty injector and the cold. Wish I could say the same about only experiencing those temps by only working on freezers. The next night it got down to...
  6. Nope still doing it. Really bad when it cold and...

    Nope still doing it. Really bad when it cold and less after it warms up. I didn't mention this before, but at least after it's warm it doesn't miss and chug when it's in gear. When you put it in...
  7. Strange thing Grant, I went out plowing last...

    Strange thing Grant, I went out plowing last night and the truck fires up running like crap, and ran that way for about an hour or so chugging away. I happened to pick up about 10 gallon of fuel...
  8. Need a little help with a problem from you guys

    I used to post and be on here a while back, but haven't had many problems with the trucks and bought a D-max back in 2015. I put my 97 in storage and only use the 98 for hauling gravel and plowing...
  9. either or

    I have a buddy who has a 10k Greg Smith that is about 8 years old, I have a 10k Completely Hydrualics that is a year or 2 newer than his. We like the arms on mine better than his, but the main...
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    opinions on additives

    Well, as we all know, "opinions are like A holes, everybody has one, and knowbody wants to hear it."
    However, here's mine:
    Per everything we all talked about on this page, I was using the cheapo 2...
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    Did you bump the....

    Emergency brake on first click will lite the light, did you check for full dis-engagement? ( also turns off the daytime running lights)
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    good time for red line

    Not sure how everybody feels about waterwetter, but if " Shawn" is adding a high cap water pump in search of additional cooling, may be a good time to add a bottle or two of Red Line water wetter for...
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    some form of update

    Sorry guys, I've been cheating on you. A month or so ago I bought a Gen 1 1994 Dodge Viper with only 7000 miles on it. Yes, I then stated spending time on the Viper web forums to gain knowledge (...
  14. Here's the scoop

    After ignoring the truck for a few weeks to make the truck feel worse, I checked for the problem Sunday. I plugged the crank sensor back in and pulled the fuel shut off solenoid out. I checked for...
  15. Threw in the towel

    Towed up a trailer with 1 ton Duramax van on with Ford
    Loaded my truck on trailer and hauled bitch home with van. Ford pulled my camper and dingy trailer home
    Won't have time to check on details...
  16. Packed up and went home without it

    Hey G. I was trying to catch you last night for advise but didn't get things posted in time. I was wonder what you thought
    I gave up on the POS this morning and hitched a ride back home with...
  17. Additional detail

    Wanted to add one detail

    When the person removing my other PMC from the 98 was taking it off, they sccidently touched themhest sink on the positive batt post while it was still grounded, and had...
  18. HELP I'm stranded and i can't get home

    Well that sounds bad doesn't it. Here the scoop first I'm typing on my iPhone while being eaten by bugs in the north Michigan woods. We call that camping spelling and typing mistakes coming
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    anti lock brakes on the fritz

    I did a search for any related anti lock brake posts and didnt' see anything. I sure someone has had a simular problem and can save me the process of elimination.
    Here the problem:
    Sometime ago...
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    Air flow low

    Sounds like the other above guys got you heading on the right track, but the thing I didn't see meantioned above is: my baffles in the dash stick sometimes and althought everything is working...
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    Pretty Simple I believe

    Based on your above information of 1999 Burb, I believe you have a little crap in the solenoid that controls the waste gate. I'll had it happen multiple times to both my trucks. The first time I...
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    late reply better than never

    been away from the computer for awhile.
    The block was the "only" 6.2 part used. Cylinders were bored to fit the 6.5 pistons, and heads were the new Chinese castings with larger cooling passages. ...
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    reason for asking

    Thanks for the reply G, have been away from my computer for awhile.

    I'm still trying to figure out why my 97 truck has so much more power than my 98 with the rebuilt engine. The guy that built...
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    6.2 vs 6.5 camshaft spec question

    does anyone have the lift and duration specs for a 6.2 liter and 6.5 liter for comparison. Are they interchangable? Was anything changes when turbo was added? :rolleyes:
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    whoa that's a ton of water

    never imagined that the systems added that much water. Most systems are progressive and add more water as the boost increases. I'm assuming 1:1 is max boost? That would also mean you would need...
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