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I'm going to throw into this thread that since I last posted here, I picked up a 95 Dodge Cummins.. it now has twin turbos, big injectors and a fully built up billet transmission.. Putting down well over 500hp/1100 lb-ft of torque to the ground.

All you guys that say the 6.5 has plenty of power for towing and pulls just as well blah blah blah are just fooling yourselves.. I can tow 20k and walk away from your 6.5 empty.

BUT, i do still own my half-ton 6.5... It's unique and makes a great little grocery getter.
Wow, nice comparison, NOT!! Just because you couldnt set it up as well doesnt mean its not possible. You had to modify that Cummins to get there. Its not as conventional upgrade on the 6.5 but that doesnt mean its that difficult.

I modify my own PCM programs, and can tell you the retailers never tapped the potential of the DS4, on fuel delivery potential. That and the people that try to tell you the GM8 is the best for the 6.5 is ridiculous, an HX35 off the cummins is too small for the 6.5 to get the right pulling power, yet the GM8 is smaller, and more displacement than the Cummins. GM set it up as a grocery getter, that was unfortunate.