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Thread: Bad rep on 6.5's!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieseldriver View Post
    I have only had my six five for two years. it is my first diesel. I am pretty proud of it and would like to find another one like it only not a dually. I have talked to a few people and they say that the six five can do just as well as the new junk. I am a very critical person when it comes to the attitude and the "richness" of the new diesel owners. I find it absolutely rediculase to spend 50000 on a new diesel and then put in several thousand more in the upgrades. I bought mine for 4000 and had the motor rebuilt for 500 and granted it is stock but I am NOT spending 50000 for a new truck I cant even work on because of the emissions and that freaking computer. I get so hot headed over the egotistical guys who say a six five aint worth a crap just cuz it doesnt have a name like duramax or powerstroke and it aint NEW. In all honesty it is more or less one of the first light duty work horses. Back when they first came out You were somebody if you had one. Besides who wants an isuzu duramax made in japan.

    since GM owned Detroit at the time, it was indeed designed by Detroit and that means our 6.5 is a DETROIT DIESEL! tell them to shove it!!! i'll keep my "old yeller" over a cummins anyday
    "Old Yeller" 1993 Chevrolet k2500 4x4 SCLB, 6.5TD w/ 269,XXX miles. 3"DP, 3" straightpipe, "swiss cheese" aribox, wastegate wired so it only opens 1/2 way. Custom built flatbed, 1 ton rear axle, NV4500 transmission. Lots of future plans money is too tight right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pos996.5T View Post
    I have had my POS996.5 for almost 2 years and it is the worst truck I have ever owned every day I go to work I expect it to come home on a rollback.
    3 new IP, 2 pmd, 3 set of oil cooler lines, 4 lift pumps, 5 clutchs, glow plugs, the rear wheel studs sheard off on the interstate and the turbo went out last week and it has a short some were in the wiring. I spent one weekend looking for this short I found several wires under the dash that was shorted out fixed those found all the wires for my tail lights were almost cut in half fix those and that still did not fix the problem. This was the first and last diesel that I will ever own. This truck had 40,000 miles on the clock when I bought it know ihas 98,434. I HATE THIS F@#$ING TRUCK
    Sounds like you need a different mechanic/maintainance person!
    The only thing wrong with doing nothing is you never know when you're finished.

    '98 Chev 2500 4X4 longbox ext cab. 5spd man trans, LUK clutch, 220,000 miles. 3" downpipe, 4" exhaust, 5" tip, 80hp upgrade, marine injectors, gauges and fsd heatsync w/#9 resistor. The new motor is on the engine stand in the garage waiting for me to put it in. Also new to me Sept of 09, a bone stock 98 Chev K3500 dually, auto, ext cab, longbox. Only 58K on it and 400 miles on a new IP w/ PMD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3bals View Post
    Sounds like you need a different mechanic/maintainance person!
    I'll second that, Jody! Happy New Year! Ready for a first anniversary run to Reno and back with the 6.5 motor home? That was one sweet road trip, and what happens in Reno, stays in Reno!

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    As the owner of two 6.5's lets face it. Although they are
    a reasonable poor mans diesel....... they are severely
    flawed. Prone to breakdown and underpowered.

    Hope to soon be the owner of only one 6.5. And when I
    can afford it........ Zero
    1995 Chevy 3500 6.5 TD
    *Heath 80 HP chip
    *Warp Speed 4" Exhaust
    *Bully Dog Pillar gauges
    *Cooling Fan Upgrade
    *Air Cleaner Upgrade
    *Turbo Master

    1995 GMC 3500HD 6.5 TD 16 foot Flatbed
    *NV4500 Trany Recent Rebuild
    *Glow Plug Upgrade
    *4" Heartthrob Exhaust w/no muffler (turbo back)

    1981 VW PickUp (Caddy) (48 MPG)
    *Drop in Turbo D engine
    *15 gallon tank
    *81,000 original miles on body

    1986 VW Jetta Turbo D (42 MPG)
    *Rebuilt Trany
    *190,000 with one family

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