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Thread: A-team turbo

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    I have one of those A team turbos and it does work better than gm. Gm-8 choke after 2200 rpm whih is where the ATT wakes up.
    1998 gmc dually. remote pmd under bumper, 4 inch warpspeed exhaust and 2.25 inch x-over, heath diesel t/m, heath diesel hp4, heath diesel HO injectors, up next i/c and 18-1's......

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    I have one also. I have the Heath GLE tune and it worked pretty well with the turbo. Then a guy I know bought the A team turbo and the KOJO tune for his 99 suburban. I put his KOJO tune in my truck, and it is even better. It is a totally different truck. I have stock computer, Heath GLE computer, and the KOJO computer, the stock computer is no where near the power the Heath tune has with this turbo, but the KOJO tune is even better. The difference in power is pretty amazing. My mileage went up also running with the truck empty. Haven't checked mileage yet towing the toy hauler though. The turbo is worth every penny.
    1999 GMC K2500.

    Kennedy boost fooler set at 15PSI, Custom ATA intercooler, Heath Balance Flow, Triple gauge pod w/VDO Boost, Trans. temp, and Pyro gauges, 3" downpipe, 4" exhaust, 2.25" crossover, Heath HO injectors, K&N air filter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slim Shady View Post
    OK guys finally got clearance to post here. I am the owner of A-Team Turbo. The turbo is a great addition to our truck. This turbo was not put together and then sold it was built and run for two years by two people to work out all of the bugs that might arise. I hate time alone on the road, did enough of that in my younger days and not happy with that kind of free time at this stage of my life. So durability was my first concern then serviceability, performance.
    Welcome to the forum, Slim! Enjoyed conversing with you on the phone the other week. The ATT is head and shoulders above the GM-X series of turbos. PLENTY of top end boost above 2400 RPM when the GM-X BorgWarner is choking itself out. CLEAN exhaust at WOT which means complete burn, lower EGT's and better MPG's!

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