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    Default used pmd madness

    So last night I go buy a starter, stepper motor and pmd from someone. I get home put the starter in, it works fine. I bought a pmd because mine is starting to go out, stalling when today at lunch i go and put that 'new' pmd in my truck...starts up and runs good, i drive it around the block and I could tell a bigg power gain and it was much more i come back around the block and go to get onto a main road and i step on it and get her to 55 and and when i let off it kept goin...faster and faster. so i turn it off wait a sec and fire it back line...Wasn't exactly what I was but oh well...just though i'd share my adventure today! PMD Test - Failed!
    1995 K2500 HD (F) vin - 201000 miles, 4.10 diff, turbomaster "fresh rebuilt" motor, Marine injectors, #9 resistor, straight piped, stacks, custom paint, 4" lift, 35's

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    Hmmm now that is an interesting adventure ! i bet that caught ya off guard ?
    have to stop at the restroom after ward ? . . .

    1995 GMC K2500 "Turbine":
    6.5-T (F), 4L80E, 4.10 gears, LT7.50-16D tires, 140K miles.

    1. D-tech PMD #9 Resister bumper mounted.

    2. Air-box Deletion / Open air intake.

    3. CDR Deletion / Valve cover breather.

    4. Open exhaust.

    5. 3500HD trans cooler.

    6. Mechanical waste gate conversion.

    7. Gauges: Engine Oil temp, Boost, Trans temp.


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    That would be a shocker. I had my PMD go out on my way to an emergency call while on the interstate doing 100mph. That was fun! lol
    98 Chevy 1/2 ton 6.5TD Suburban
    166,000 miles Loaded
    FSD kit from SSD, Cold Air Intake from SSD
    Full-size LED Light bar, Arrow stick, Corner strobes, Smart Siren light bar and siren controller, UHF Radio, VHF P-25 Digital Radio, Grille Guard blue/amber split LED's,

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    sound like a bad injection pump symptom when the armature shaft starts to stick it will do that as well
    1995 K2500 vin S, Marine Injectors, 3in Down Pipe, 4in Exhaust, High flow crossover pipe, no cat, #9 resistor, FSD cooler, Cold air intake, Reameed intake, homemade boost controler, boost and egt gauges, 285/75R16 dakota mt 191,xxx miles

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    theres no problem at all when i plug in my other pmd...i went down an old road and plug that pmd in again and made a 1/2 mile pass, did a u turn and it stuck wide open again. switch pmd's back and it drives fine...but i thought I got a deal bought an IP with pmd and stepper motor, i only needed the pmd and stepper motor for 100$ and they both were bad. lol oh well it was worth the try
    1995 K2500 HD (F) vin - 201000 miles, 4.10 diff, turbomaster "fresh rebuilt" motor, Marine injectors, #9 resistor, straight piped, stacks, custom paint, 4" lift, 35's

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    Default ...the good... is THEY replaced a complete pump for a pmd now you have a spare pump.....when the delivery side of your pump dies and you price a whole pump you'll be veeeery haaapppy...
    ..93 3500HD 200h 4L80E 4.88..11150lbs allatime..88 c.c. w/doug nash 2-sp..camo paint...58 A120 4by IH{old vfd brush trk} 71ford p/u 79 shovel {{{ hooorraaayyy the bus is gone}}} 93 2500 parts truk {gone to that great chrusher in the sky 01 burban{wifes'.."no you can't use mine"}

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    yeah I'm glad to have it as spare. I just need to check it because it came out of a '94 and i havn't checked it to see if its the other model ds4
    1995 K2500 HD (F) vin - 201000 miles, 4.10 diff, turbomaster "fresh rebuilt" motor, Marine injectors, #9 resistor, straight piped, stacks, custom paint, 4" lift, 35's

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    Default Still the question

    Can a bad PMD cause his problem?? Normally they go slowwwer not faster when they go bad. Sounds like he narrowed it down by switching back and forth.
    97 2500 6.5, downpipe, exhaust, K&N #9 resis in PCM w/ cooler, B&M trans prog., 183,000 mi
    98 3500 6.5, dually dump, downpipe, straight exhaust, K&N #9 resis in PCM w/ cooler, B&M trans prog, marine injectors, Western plow, engine rebuilt @231,000 mi
    1993 GMC TopKick 50 boom trk w/ 3116 Cat
    1968 Plymouth RoadRunner, built 383 auto
    2005 Honda VTX 1800, with all the go fast goodies
    1974 Plymouth Cuda , project yet
    1994 Dodge Viper , 7000 miles
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    When I first bought the truck, It cut off on me several times on Interstate 81hauling a trailer. Twice it cut off on the steep hill where they were doing
    interstate road work and had traffic down to a single lane. Local dealership replaced the injection pump for a king's ransome - did not help at all. Nothing worked until I put the FSD Heatsync from Walt on the truck.
    1997 Silverado 1500 6.5. with 200,000 miles. New fuel injection pump at 132,000 mi. FSD Heat-Sync in bumper hole, marine fuel injectors, air induction kit all from Walt at 148,000 mi. Replaced OEM Fuel Filter Assy, wastegate solenoid valve, OPS and relay at 155,000 mi. Harmonic Balancer replaced. Red dot and White dot EGR replaced. New starter, Instant Heat glow plugs, and glow plug relay/controller at 180,000. Replaced hydroboost and master cylinder in 2016. New Interstate batteries 4/13/19.

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