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Thread: The cat is outta the bag

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    Default The cat is outta the bag

    if you want he secret to a 500 hp 6.5 twin turbo....... pick up the may issue of Diesel power. The competition lets the cat outa the bag. Although its mentioned it gets torn down every 1,000 miles, and has no good idea yet of a real lifespan. Pretty neat set of homemade headers though. Oh yea, it drinks more water than it sips diesel fuel.
    93 chevy K2500 6.5TD 4x4 4l80e auto
    Custom flatbed with foldaway gooseneck ball
    SSDiesel DB2 injector pump marine injectors
    Upgraded turbo ( no id tag but lots of boost)
    SSDiesel 4" exhaust, no muffler, SS crossover
    Rebuilt 4l80e tranny Transgo stage 2 shift kit
    rebuilt HD torque converter
    4x4 Posi Lock
    Opened up air box, stock filter
    Boost, Pyro, Tranny gauges in A-pillar
    Cowl hood, all new paint.
    SS Diesel Cooling upgrade, single tstat Dmax fan,
    '98 HO waterpump.

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    every 1000 miles. Id rather push mine to about 260rwhp instead. My 96 impala is rated at 300hp with 260 to the rear wheels. I think a 300hp 6.5l is fine with me. if I want to go faster id just build on my lt1. It would be cool to have 6.5L that could take down modified duramaxs and powerstrokes though. The only negative thing people have to say about my 6.5l is its power. Reliabilty and fuel economy is the main reason i keep it. My 6.5L is my hybrid in a way.
    1995 chevy c1500, 6.5LTD 2wd, PMD relocator, SS Diesel Supply 4 inch exhuast, FS2500 Oil Bypass, & S&B Air Intake.

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