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    Have a knock that comes and goes...don't hear it usally unless I've been idleing for a while...example. Today I get out of my truck and leave it running to go in store, walk out the store and start talkin to someone for about 20 mins..its knocked for less then 6 seconds then went away...countinued talkin and 5 mins later it started more constant, rev'd it up and it went away. I then left and drove less the a mile and park and sat there a few mins and comes and goes...was thinkin maybe a lifter, but seems pretty loud to be a lifter..
    1995 K2500 HD (F) vin - 201000 miles, 4.10 diff, turbomaster "fresh rebuilt" motor, Marine injectors, #9 resistor, straight piped, stacks, custom paint, 4" lift, 35's

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    Use a piece of hose to check where the knock is coming from.
    Grant H.
    1995 6.5 turbo GMC K2500 extra cab 4x4 pickup, PMD under bumper, mechanical wastegate, 228,000 miles, rebuilt engine, 4.10 diff, 16 mpg
    1994 6.5 turbo GMC K2500 4x4 suburban #9 resistor, PMD in the bumper, mechanical waste gate, 226,000 miles, new engine, 0 miles. 3.73 diff, 16 mpg
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