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    I am with a volunteer emergency search and rescue group here so that's the reason for the lightbar.

    The first pic is of an intersection only a few blocks from my house after a strong thunder storm. The second pic was taken by one of my friend's trucks when we were out helping get people out of flood stricken areas. The third one is me pulling a 28 foot way overloaded trailer full of a house lol, well atleast all the stuff from inside my grandma's house when I moved her.
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    98 Chevy 1/2 ton 6.5TD Suburban
    166,000 miles Loaded
    FSD kit from SSD, Cold Air Intake from SSD
    Full-size LED Light bar, Arrow stick, Corner strobes, Smart Siren light bar and siren controller, UHF Radio, VHF P-25 Digital Radio, Grille Guard blue/amber split LED's,

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