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    hey all i was changing door pins and bushings when i pulled the door off it twisted and fell pulling the elect. harness tite after i put it back on the interior and door lites won't come on i can't find any cut or broken wires any ideas i checked fuse in cab all okany ideas thanks in advance

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    The insulation stretches, the wire inside doesn't stretch much before it breaks.
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    when doing doors its best to but some kind of stand under the door and get an extra set of hands to help steady the door as you work on it, pull one pin at a time and replace it with new one immediately, i made a similar mistake on previous pickup, best suggestion as to find issue is to use a circuit tester like whats on a digital multimeter to check for broken connections.

    best of luck
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    I actually found the easiest way to replace the pins on your own is to take off the front fender. You can leave the door shut and disconnect the wires then drive out the pins. Then you can open the door with the handle and gently lower it to replace the bushings. After that you just hold the door back in place and let it latch so your hands will be free to put it all back together. I found that out because I replaced both passenger doors, fender, and hood after being hit by a semi truck.

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