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    I hear alot of people talk about the ssd air intake and how it takes in to much hot air. Does it really matter. I thought when a turbo compresses the air the air charge is heated up anyways. So does it really matter what type of intake a 6.5L uses?
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    My experience with other trucks using programmers with the option of reading various sensor inputs, including air intake temperatures had shown temps with open filter elements will see temps increase while sitting at stoplights idling, but they always dropped to near ambient temps shortly after moving. I would expect the same scenario to play out with the stock airbox on the 6.5 too, after all, it's right next to the turbo.
    Additionally, back in the 80's Hot Rod or Car Craft tested a Monte SS with the stock air cleaner (with air ducted from on front of the rad) vs. an open air filter element and despite the "hot" air picked up 15hp. I would reason this came about as restrictions with the stock air cleaner robbed power and the removal of those restrictions despite any added heating of the air still allowed for more hp to be made.
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    The purpose of trying to get cool outside air is to keep the oxygen charge as dense as possible.
    As you pointed out the turbo heats the air when it compresses it,so every degree you can keep the air cooler to start with the more oxygen makes it in the cylinder for combustion.

    If you have a truck with an ECM,it monitors boost pressure and IAT and can cause a defuel or cut boost based on its programmed acceptable vales.

    That is the reason WMI and intercooler/aftercoolers are so often added to trucks that tow and spend more time with higher boost levels.

    So do your best to pull air from outside the underhood area,like the stock round filter K-47 air box uses,or build your own cold air intake.

    Keep in mind that air passing through the rad is preheated and all that air is funneled through the underhood area and escapes out the bottom,if you feed the engine that pre heated air you are costing yourself power and economy.

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