I am sure this has come up before as it appears this issue is very common. My '96 K2500 has a leak at the hydroboost - but not inside the cab - but at the point where the two hydroboost parts meet. I am hoping for just a reseal kit and that maybe someone has had success with this before. I keep topping off the power steering fluid about every 4 weeks. The biggest problem is the hydroboost is applying pressure on the brake master cylinder and has caused the left rear shoes to wear down. Odd problem I know but I have been looking it over and have to keep replacing rear shoes - on cold start up when I turn the steering wheel the left rear wheel applies brakes - it doesn't happen unless I turn steering wheel and changing pressure from the hydroboost. I guess there may be an internal leak or maybe seal where the hydroboost meets the master cylinder and pushing extra fluid? Anyone who has 'been there, done that' could really help right now! Thanks!