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Thread: Transfer Case shot?!!

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    Cool Transfer Case shot?!!

    Hi there guys.

    I've studied this site many times over for my 98 sierra 6.5td I've owned it for 5 years and love it, mostly... Have had some 4wd issues lately. Replaced the TLA for a posi-lock and that's all good. The 4HI and 4Lo kept going in and out thpugh, so I swapped the TC for a used one that's doing a similar thing. Lately the 4LO wouldn't go in at all and today the 4HI stayed stuck. Ah and the lights are blinking rather than solid. I remember a thread that pointed to a 4wd reset procedure that I can't find anymore. Anybody have that?

    What else do you guys think is up with this? Should I just bite the bullet and get a new TC? Any suggested retailers out there?

    Thanks for all the good work


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    Default follow up

    Just in case somebody is having similar issues. I've solved this problem by resetting the TC computer and shortcircuting the front axle electric connector after installing the posilock. that seemed to help the 4wd computer into knowing that the front axle is actually engaged. After that take out the TC and 4wd fuses for five minutes, put back in and turn the key without starting the engine until the 4wd lights flash. Take the Fuses out again and repeat this process 4-5times. Now the 4wd engages and stays engaged fully in all modes. Both TC's were fine all along.

    Thanks for all the good info on this site!

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