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    Hello all. I am tossing the idea of two upgrades to do to my truck. Info first, my vacuum pump is going out and I don't really want to spend the 150 bucks on a new one.

    So my question is do I make a homemade turbo master and keep the factory gm8?????

    Or do I take it off and put a good holset on it that I already have?

    Does anyone have any testimonials on what they have done and what it did to their truck power mpg and all that?

    It is still up in the air so I was just wondering what everybody thought.
    1998 Chevy 2500 Silverado Stock 6.5 with PMD relocated with #8 resistor.

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    My vacuum pump was going (making knocking noise) and I got a code suggesting replacing the boost solenoid. I opted for the "genuine" turbo master as I found someone that had purchased but never installed for a postponed build. I removed the pump but re-installed the pulley so I didn't need to get the shorter belt. I found that I wasn't comfortable with how I was towing and ended up getting the tuned replacement ECM. The Suburban is like a hot-rod now and (knock on wood) running fantastic. I did have an issue with injection timing after the new ECM replacement but was able to resolve it in my driveway. I happened to also have my tail pipe fall off from the muffler so went to the 4" exhaust with muffler. It's noisy but I don't mind. I am very happy with the overall elimination of what started out as just resolving the vacuum pump. My wallet is another story Moral of the story - what starts out as a simple replacement/modification can turn into a bigger project that initially expected. MPGs at best were touching close to 17 - failing parts were dropping that number fast. Currently back to 17-and hopefully touching 19 soon. I have a 96 Suburban with the late version dual stat HO water pump running 180 stats from SS along with their PMD #9 remote mount. I did also do the Hayden 2839 & AC Delco 15-80730 fan.

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