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    Hey guys. I'm planning on doing a full service on my truck. 98 k3500 dually NV 4500 trans. I was wondering what you guys preferred on fuid types and additives. Differential fluid called for 80w90 and posi track additive. But I'm really not sure if it is posi track. Or synthetic with limited slip? Plus what kind of gear oil for the trans? I know some of the older chevy called for syncromesh or ATF. I'd appreciate all advice.
    98 K3500 dually with nv4500 trans and 410gears. k&N air filter, instant heat glow plugs, dymond eye exhaust, 3" down pipe 4" back, fsd heat sync w/out resister.

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    Look in the glove compartment for the vehicle options, and google GM options to find which diff you have, posi track must have the additive to prevent wear on the clutches. The oil for the nv4500 is special, Pensoil has one at half the price of the GM one, google that as well.
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    I have always change my diff oils with Synthetic Amsoil in my trucks for heat and extra prevention against tooth form galling from high pressure. With G80 code I add the posi additive from Autozone or wherever.
    Amsoil has done alot of testing on how different 80-90w oils hold up against theirs. I believe you can find the results on their webpage. I used to think Mobil 1 was good 80-90 until I saw their data,
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