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    So, i apparently get dyslexia when i show up to work and start to type in the forums.

    The PMD in the glove box did have a resistor, #6. The PMD on the truck (the one that was running) did NOT have a resistor.

    I moved the #6 resistor from the PMD in the glovebox to the one on the trucks.... HOLY COW! It made all the difference in the world. No more coughing on acceleration, no more smoking, started smoother, ran smoother, everything is a great improvement.

    I also got new WGA installed, and it helped as well.

    I will continue to diagnose issues with lift pump/OPS/relay when parts arrive, but for now she is running like a top!

    Robert H.
    1994 Chevy k2500 4X4 Extra Cab Long Bed 5 speed. 208XXX and Counting.

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    Very good, thanks for the feed back.
    Grant H.
    1995 6.5 turbo GMC K2500 extra cab 4x4 pickup, PMD under bumper, mechanical wastegate, 228,000 miles, rebuilt engine, 4.10 diff, 16 mpg
    1994 6.5 turbo GMC K2500 4x4 suburban #9 resistor, PMD in the bumper, mechanical waste gate, 226,000 miles, 3.73 diff, 16 mpg
    1982 4x4 shortbed 6.2 Chev 260,000 miles untouched motor 17 MPG 4.27 diff. Best thing I ever owned, since 1992.

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