I am new to the forum. I have a project underway.

1997 K3500, blown engine. 235K Miles. Abused. I have acquired a 2002 H1 6.5 Turbo Diesel with the 60deg heads and Rear Turbo. I know that it won't fit. I have already remove the Headers and Turbo.

I am contemplating what to do about Turbo's. I want a bit more power and tqs, maybe 30%. I have settled on reusing the Exhaust from my 97 Vin F. I am going to make an adapter to fit the Intake from the 02 engine.

I have been thinking about an Intercooler integrated into the adapter. I got inspiration from one of my cars. I am figuring that I may as well look at a larger Turbo or Dual turbo's (Compounded) or in Parallel.

My question, for packaging reasons, has anyone ever put a Turbo setup under the bed? Seems like a lot of free space that could be utilized with the right shielding and packaging. I know that STS rear mounted turbo's are very popular on cars as well....