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Thread: Redoing glow plug wiring - What size fuse to EACH glow plug?

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    Default Redoing glow plug wiring - What size fuse to EACH glow plug?

    I am redoing some of the wiring and things on my 6.5 Suburban and the glow plug wiring is included in that. Factory, they use a fusible link to each glow plug. I don't like fusible links and on top of that the connectors and wiring are all dirty and looking in pretty bad shape. Therefore, I have purchased 8 new 16 gauge inline fuse holders (waterproof, using ATC fuses) and some 16 gauge wire and various connectors. I am going to build a new glow plug harness, with a normal blade type (ATC) fuse for each individual glow plug (the way the factory had it, except they used fusible links to each glow plug instead of fuses). I will correctly route the wiring, solder the terminals, heat shrink the joints, etc. But I would like to know if a 10 amp fuse will be enough for each glow plug? I really think its probably too much honestly, because each bank of 4 glow plugs had a single 18 gauge wire connecting each glow plug fusible link to the glow plug relay. That seems way too small to me, but its worked for 20 years so I guess its not too bad. I am going to use a single 12 gauge wire from the relay to the 16 gauge fuse holders, and then 16 gauge wire from the fuse holders over to each glow plug. There is also a single 6 or 8 gauge wire (cant remember which) wire running from the glow plug relay to the under hood fuse box, which had a fusible link in between it and the relay itself also. I have purchased a 6 gauge inline maxi-fuse holder that I am going to install in place of the fusible link going to the glow plug relay. Currently, I have a 50 amp fuse to use in that (Which upon further thinking, may also be too much, if each glow plug doesn't need 10 amps and I use 5 amp fuses, as 5 amps x 8 plugs is 40 amps. I could also use 7.5 amp fuses which would require a 60 amp fuse.

    I would like to hear input from you guys about this plan. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    You seem to have it some what worked out. The fuses are to stop the wires going on fire, in the case of a short, that is why there are fusible links after the wires are divided and become smaller. If you google safe working current for a wire size, you can use a fuse that size for each wire that size.
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