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Thread: Newbie here with a cream puff

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    Default Newbie here with a cream puff

    Hey guys, just joined up today. Attached are some pics of my new truck. It belonged to an old man who store in the garage, 64,000 original miles. Inside and out is like new.
    I need bigger tires, considering just using the factory wheels instead of spending $1000.
    Thoughts? Any suggestions on size? I just leveled the front up and have no plans on lifting the truck.
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    Nice truck. I have 265/70 tires on the suburban and 245/70 tires on the truck, the suburban wanders on the highway making steering require a lot of attention. It has been on an alignment machine and the suspension and steering joins are good. The truck steers well. Also my Chev had 12 1/2" inch wide tires and steered bad till I put the original size 10 1/2" ones on.
    Grant H.
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    I would leave it alone and drive it as-is. nice truck.
    96 ton, 6.5td stock, ext cab, 100 gal tank in bed removed. Not running.
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    Not running. Project for now.
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