Since I here and typing, Let's discuss another problem.
This one is for my 97 2500 that I have tucked away in the warehouse.
A couple years ago, I was doing some reading on a transmission forum for some reason or another.....and found some guys running John Deere Low Vis Hy-trans fluid in their race cars transmissions and others with the claim that JD has spec ed the oil to have about 30% more anti slip additive in it than Dex ll and it lowers trans temps, faster 1/4 mile ETs and a higher grade of oil.
I pulled the Spec sheets for Dextron and JD low vis and compared. This I found, Visousity at 0 was nearly identical but at higher temps the JD was higher. Here's the part where I took a perfectly good transmission with 200,000 miles on it and changed the oil in and filter in the pan. I drained enough to add about 7 qts of JD low vis. I have always changed the oil in the pan about every 10-15 k miles on that trans and filter every 30 k so the oil did not it need of a total change. Immediately, I noticed firmer shifts. Additional, a few month later we pulled our 5th wheel camper with another utility trailer with golf cart behind it down to a John Deere Expo in Ohio in about 92 degree heat. Transmission never got about 175 degree at 62 mph which is 15-20 degrees cooler than should have been running under like conditions prior. Following that everything was fine for another year at least. Then, my pocket book got to fat and I bought the new Dura-max and parked the ole trusty 97 6.5 uptown in the warehouse for storage after her 18 years of service.
Here is the problem: After setting about 6 months, she drained all her trans oil out on the floor below. I haven't spent anytime checking on which seal went out, but my question is: do we think the JD oil caused the problem or just the extended setting doing nothing???????????????
I would really like to add some to the 3500 when I get thru the reverse band problem.