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    Exclamation Very interesting no start issue need help

    Hello guys this is the first time I placed in the post, but I spent time on the forum quite a while. My brother and I need your help. One day last summer he drove his truck home shut it off and the next morning it cranks but would not start at all. He tried working on it when you got time last year but have more time now to work on it. He thought it was the injection pump so he replaced it still no go. Also has tried three different PMD's still will not run. He tried putting a new crank sensor on it. Hasn't worked. Lift pump works. The injection pump came with a new shut off solenoid it's working. had new Optical sensor. Nothing happened with that. Has replaced batteries with two new ones has also tested the red wire off the IP to see if there was power and for a Split Second it does have power while cranking and goes out right away. It gets fuel up to injection pump but still no go. Also has no codes in the computer. I forgot to mention the specs on the vehicle are it is a 1999 GMC Sierra 1 ton with a 6.5 L four by four automatic trans new turbo during installation of fuel pump as seals were leaking. He has put it in a PMD relocate kit and cooler plate. It has the latest version of the PMD on it now less than a year old. Have but and tried another new PMD as well.. also have taken to relocate harness out of the equation as well and put the directly to the fuel injection pump.

    I would really appreciate it if we could get some help trying to figure this out it's obviously something electrical being and shuts down the signal from the red wire. We are at a complete loss and do not know where else to try. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. As I do not work on it if you guys need any other information I will have to ask him and get back to you. Thanks for your help, Keith
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