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Thread: Troubleshooting Lift Pump

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    I saw no “smoking gun” that would keep the lifters from adjusting, although the piston inside was a little difficult to get out of a couple of them. The only thing I can think is that either when they were assembled initially or when I soaked the to clean any assembly or storage residue off, the piston became stuck. Part of the reason I used ATF was for the detergent qualities in addition to lubrication. I think I’ll just prime them again with motor oil if I’m going to reuse. With just ATF on them they seem to move freely.

    If you could take photos of your tools that would be great, I’d like to see what you’re describing. I tried to take them out with the heads on but struggled getting the retainer plate out and didn’t want to risk dropping anything into the crankcase, creating a larger job. I already have everything torn down so I think I’ll just pull the other head and do it that way, but it would be nice to have another option in case I need to replace the lifters in the future.
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    I always have a problem with this site to send photos, and they are usually rejected for size. This time I can't access my camera or computer files, only photos I once posted. PM your email to me and I will send them, it would have been better for everyone to see the tools but I can't seem to do it.SAM_0290.jpgSAM_0291.jpg Looks like I did it but I can't see the photos..They are there, but not while writing, the magnet has a wire loop soldered to it, and a wire handle that swivels a bit, it takes the lifter out, and the retaining plate out. It would be better if smaller. If you don't take the bolts out of the retaining plate, nothing is small enough to fall through, into the oil pan. The clip thing is to put the lifters back in, it is spring steel. Note, I used an American measuring tape, complement from Harbour Freight.
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